Lots of companies utilize standard health risk assessments and attempt to plan their wellness programs based on the minimal results that they provide. But why settle for a traditional HRA when you have a more comprehensive and more helpful option at your disposal?

Introducing the Know Your Number assessment tool - a truly revolutionary approach to gaining insightful data on your employees’ health risks.

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  • New methodology that uses evidence-based calculations to assess risk

  • A tool that will provide helpful, visual graphs to communicate health risks clearly

  • Helping your employees identify risk for the nine most common and most preventable diseases

  • Tying your assessments in seamlessly with your Health Coaching program and other follow-up activities

If you’d like to raise health awareness in your workplace and achieve a better ROI with your wellness program, we have a solution that will do just that! It’s time to find out about the Know Your Number solution to risk management.

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