Here at Wellworks For You, we’re committed to bringing you the very best tools, methods and approaches to enhance your workplace wellness program. Our partnership with Fitbit allows us to now offer you the most cutting-edge technology as well.


The standard work place pedometer program has gotten a facelift with the incorporation of activity tracking devices, such as the Fitbit Flex™, the Zip™ and the One™.

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This flyer will provide the following information:


  • Images and basic specs on the 3 devices

  • Lists of the activity that each option can track

  • Explanation of how bluetooth technology and the Wellworks web portal both work to enhance the user experience

Organizing and managing a pedometer program just got a whole lot easier! And now your employees can utilize a helpful, practical (not to mention sleek and fashionable) tool that will encourage them to reach their goals with energy and commitment.

To get access to our free flyer today, just fill out the form and we’ll provide you with an easy download link. Find out why users have been quoted as saying:


It unquestionably made me more active just by wearing it."


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